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Angela Boswell
By Angela Boswell

Posted November 29, 2018 to News.

New Book by Angela Boswell

With the launch of the new book in our series, “Women in Texas History” by Angela Boswell, (TAMU Press, 2018), we thought we would do a Q&A style blog. Below are a few questions we thought of, and the answers from the author. We’re sure you have other questions you’d like to ask related to Boswell’s research, so please post them below or share any comments you may have.


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Ellen Temple
By Ellen Temple

Posted September 15, 2018 to News.

Today is an exciting time for Texas Women’s History

Today is an exciting time for Texas Women’s History—for studying, learning, writing, publishing, enjoying! With productive scholars in the field, with the Handbook of Texas Women in the making, with the rising willingness to hear and listen to women’s voices, this is an exciting moment in the long journey to knowledge about women’s past lives and their contributions to building our society.


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