Molly & Ann

A short film about Ann Richards and Molly Ivins

Paul Stekler produced and directed "Molly & Ann" (2018, Midnight Films) about his friends Ann Richards and Molly Ivins, who were pioneers as women in politics and political writing. The film was created from footage shot with both of them after they passed away within months of each other in Austin.

"Molly & Ann" premiered at the Austin Film Festival.

Molly Ivins was an important progressive voice, a best-selling author, and a crusading columnist, with a long association with the Texas Observer. As a young reporter at the Texas state legislature, she used satire and scathing expose to turn stereotypes into an art form, a kind of political writing that no one else did quite like her. To a legion of readers, her voice mattered.

Ann Richards was the Governor of Texas from 1991 to 1995. An unabashed liberal, she was sharp-tongued, and often so funny, you hurt from laughing so hard. As Governor, she was not only a national star, but she brought women and minorities into state government like no one before. And she was unafraid of men in power, no matter how big their belt buckles.


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