Our Awards

Awards Presented to the Winegarten Memorial Foundation for Texas Women’s History.

Pictured (from left): Melissa Hield, Teresa Palomo Acosta, Nancy Baker Jones, and Cynthia J. Beeman. Photo by Al King.

In an effort to reach both academic and public audiences, the Winegarten Memorial Foundation, in collaboration with Austin public radio station KUT, launched its “Texas Women’s History Moments” radio vignettes in 2011 and continued them through 2016. The series describes the lives of a wide-ranging selection of Texas women in various time periods, regions of the state, areas of influence and achievement, and ethnic backgrounds.

Broadcast multiple times each day during Women’s History Month (March), our 90-second Moments were researched and written by historians from primary and secondary sources and recorded by a diverse group of volunteer readers at KUT studios. Among the readers are a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, a writer of children’s books about African American culture, a poet, a humorist, a singer, and a granddaughter of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. In presenting its prestigious award to the Winegarten Memorial Foundation, the National Council on Public History commended the project for its excellent research, broad public audience, and impressive evidence of public impact from across the state. In addition, the NCPH noted the completeness of the project’s integration with our website and its ability to allow the project to live on here for continuing use by students, teachers, and the general public.

You can read the scripts and listen to the recordings on this website at Learn/audio Moments.