Submission Process and Guidelines

Submission Process

All works submitted for publication in the Women in Texas History Book Series must be recommended by the series General Editors and approved by the Faculty Advisory Committee of Texas A&M University Press as a condition of publication. Works to be proposed to the Faculty Committee will be selected by mutual agreement of the General Editors and the professional editors of TAMU Press and must undergo favorable peer review before being submitted according to the press’s normal procedures before being submitted to the Faculty Advisory Committee.

Submission Guidelines

Please include information for as many items as possible, with enough detail to provide a clear picture of your intentions. Feel free to describe some items as “tentative” if this is accurate, but if what you have now is just a general idea, please use this list to guide your planning and wait until you can respond to most items before submitting.

  1. Title
  2. Author/Editor
  3. Synopsis (a page or so on what the book is about)
  4. Significance to Texas women’s history (e.g. first monograph on the subject; subject’s importance in historical context)
  5. Length (anticipated number of words, book pages, or double-spaced manuscript pages)
  6. Illustrations (number and kind)
  7. Format (physical size--normal book, coffee table book, etc.)
  8. Audience (for whom are you writing?)
  9. Anticipated manuscript completion date
  10. Tentative table of contents; paragraph on each chapter summarizing its content
  11. Contributors, if an edited volume
  12. Sample text (writing sample)
  13. Sample photos
  14. Author/Editor biographical sketch, resume, or vita

Send to:

Nancy Baker Jones and Cynthia J. Beeman
Series General Editors
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